Liwa Sport Club

Liwa Sport Club

نادي ليوا الرياضي

We are broad to provide the Liwa Sport Club complete digital interface with a modern professional web site and mobile apps on both Google Play Market and Apple Store. Mobile apps success story went beyond UAE borders!

al dhafra festival

Al Dhafra Festival

مهرجان الظفرة

A comprehensive solution that ease all works and tasks related Mazayna competition. Registering camels, owners, festivals, competitions, results … Even judgment system were implemented to ease judges scoring tasks. Mobile apps were also available to search any owner or camel info instantly.

DhafraFestivals App

Abu Dhabi Marine Sports Club

نادي أبوظبي للرياضات البحرية


Professional, modern and comprehensive mobile apps for both Google Play Market and Apple Store were developed to represent ADMSC to public. Through apps participants can follow club racing schedule, attend races and follow their scores! Public people also follow all news and publications of ADMSC all time

Liwa Date Festival is totally digitally organized by AIntegrals solution that ease registering competitors and their farms and dates. Ticketing dates baskets, scoring and showing live results to public were presented also within a comprehensive solution.

ADFC logo

Al Dhafra FC

نادي الظفرة الرياضي الثقافي


A very successful and modern mobile apps were developed and published on both Google Play Market and Apple Store. That was side by site with a fully dynamic web site that presents Al Dhafra Football Club.